Gold Label Disinfectant PowderGold Label Disinfectant Powder
Gold Label Disinfectant Powder
Contains a potent, yet pleasant, oxygen releasing agent that is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi. If applied liberally it will neutralise ammonia, absorb smells and deter bed eating.
from £12.60
Gold Label Iodine SprayGold Label Iodine Spray
Gold Label Iodine Spray
Powerful broad-spectrum, multi-purpose virucidal disinfectant, with exceptional safety profile towards man and animals. Highly versatile, use for surface, equipment, water and aerial disinfection.
from £4.50

Gold Label Canigloss Spray
Gold Label Canigloss Spray
An inexpensive pleasant smelling spray which imparts an instant shine to the coat. Facilitates grooming and helps prevent knots and tangles leaving the coat silky.
Gold Label Sun Guard (100gm)
Gold Label Sun Guard (100gm)
A sunblock and soother for horses with areas that are susceptible to the rays of the sun. Contains only natural ingredients such as shea butter, calamine and sunscreen
from £6.50