Griffin NuuMed HQ Saddlepad (General Purpose)Griffin NuuMed HQ Saddlepad (General Purpose)
Griffin NuuMed HQ Saddlepad (General Purpose)
The new Griffin Nuuned HQ saddlepads are made from a top quality heavier quilt in a box pattern and feature complimentary binding plus a stand out bias piping. Available in NuuMed's new season colours: Amber Apricot, Purple Passion, Honeybird Blue and also white and navy. All saddlepads come with eye catching piping detail and use a complimentary binding. Co-ordinating fleece saddle covers and stirrup...
Mark Todd Acupressure Pad (Black)
Mark Todd Acupressure Pad (Black)
The Mark Todd Acupressure Pad offers multiple benefits for maximum comfort of the horse. Mark Todd Acupressure Pad features: Triple layer 100% natural latex: offering ultimate in weight bearing & shock absorbing qualities whilst the highly breathable vacuum tunnels throughout the pad suck hot air away from the back & replaces it with cool air, evaporating sweat for a more comfortable horse Acupressure...