Bitz Bandage Tape
Bitz Bandage Tape
The Bitz Bandage Tape is a 20 metre roll of tape to secure bandages in place.
Bitz Heavyweight HairnetsBitz Heavyweight Hairnets
Bitz Heavyweight Hairnets
Bitz Heavyweight Hairnets come as a pack of two and are heavyweight hairnets to keep hair neat and tidy at shows.

Bitz Plaiting Thread/Reel
Bitz Plaiting Thread/Reel
The Bitz Plaiting Thread/Reel is a strong thread on a convenient 250m reel for ease of use whilst plaiting.
from £9.95
Bitz Poultice Boot
Bitz Poultice Boot
A waterproof, Lightweight canvas poultice boot with a reinforced sole and secure velcro fastening, to help keep the dressing clean and in place.
from £17.99

Quality sponge for all-purpose use. Small sponge measures 10 x 7.5 x 5cm Large sponge measures 15 x 10 x 5cm.
from £0.99