Equilibrium Therapy

Equilibrium Therapy

The Equilibrium Therapy range leads the way in effective, practical and affordable therapy for your horse. Offering both massage and magnetic therapy products, every equine's specific needs can be tailored for with this great range. 

The whole collection has been improved further and re-launched in June 2016, and we know your horse will love it!

Equilibrium Magnetic ChapsEquilibrium Magnetic Chaps
Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps
The Soft and comfortable, Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps are designed to be worn in the stable to promote circulation and help increase the rate of healing in horse’s legs. Magnetic Therapy has been proven to have both positive effects in humans and animals in treating scar tissue, inflammation, reducing swelling, stiffness, muscle cramps and arthritis. Increases blood flow, helps to relieve...
Equilibrium Massage MittEquilibrium Massage Mitt
Equilibrium Massage Mitt
The quick, effective and easy to use Equilibrium Therapy Massage Mitt helps to promote relaxation, improve flexibility and improve muscle condition. For use on muscle groups in the neck, quarters and hamstrings. Battery operated 10-minute sessions in 3 intensities Stimulates muscles by pulsing, vibration and stroking actions Perfect before exercise as part of warm up and after exercise to help...
£125.00 £109.95

Equilibrium Magnetic Back & Quarters PadEquilibrium Magnetic Back & Quarters Pad
Equilibrium Magnetic Back & Quarters Pad
The new style Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Back and Quarters Pad is designed to promote circulation to help relieve stiffness, muscle soreness and increase the rate of healing in horses’ backs. Recommended for use as part of a back maintenance programme. Contains 4 powerful VITAflex® magnets Removable magnets stick easily to any part of the inner lining Perfect for horses who are stiff,...
Equilibrium Massage PadEquilibrium Massage Pad
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Equilibrium Massage Pad
Equilibrium Massage Pad Horse Massage Pad by Equilibrium Products - Lightweight and portable horse therapy. Features: Clinically proven to improve back flexibility and promote relaxation Shaped to follow the contours of the horse’s back, provides coverage from withers to quarters Battery operated 30-minute sessions Three different, easily adjustable programs that allow you to choose the...
£325.00 £274.95

Equilibrium Massage Therapy Charger
Equilibrium Massage Therapy Charger
The Equilibrium Massage Therapy Charger is designed to be used together with the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad and new style 2016, Equilibrium Therapy Massage Mitt. The interchangeable charger includes 4 plug faces which slide on and off the charger for use in the appropriate country. It is recommended that the new silver battery should only be charged with the new universal multi-plug charger....
Equilibrium Massage Therapy Charger & BatteryEquilibrium Massage Therapy Charger & Battery
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Equilibrium Massage Therapy Charger & Battery
Designed to be used together with the Equilibrium Therapy Massage Pad and new style 2016, Equilibrium Therapy Massage Mitt. Equilibrium Massage Therapy Charger & Battery features: Includes 4 slide on plug faces for use in appropriate country Suitable for use on both the Equilibrium Massage Pad and the Equilibrium Massage Mitt* Full charge of the battery can take up to 12 hours Charger indicator...