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Equilibrium Calmmunch hay block - A unique healthy, tasty, high fibre, low calorie, low sugar, cereal free snack especially designed for excitable or anxious horses and ponies. Sealed in a 1kg packs – perfect for competition days, as an in between meal snack, reward or boredom breaker or for times when your horses needs extra support.

  • Made from top quality Timothy grass
  • With fortified magnesium, B vitamins, camomile, hops and vervain
  • Suitable for those prone to laminitis or obesity
  • Provides a three-fold approach to calming to provide extra support to the existing diet when needed to keep horses and ponies calm in stressful situations.
  • Can be served wet or dry, in a munch net, in a feed bucket, in the stable, field or trailer/horsebox

Equilibrium Products are UFAS and NOPS accredited.  NOPS accreditation enables owners of competition horses and ponies to feed munch® with complete confidence.

Ingredients & Nutritional Value


Timothy (95%), Alfalfa, Magnesium oxide, Salt, Camomile (0.3%), Vervain (0.15%), Hops (1%), Rapeseed Oil, Vitamins


Analytical Constituents:

Crude protein 9%; Crude oils and fats 1.8%; Crude fibre 30%; Crude ash 7.8%; Sugar 8%; Sodium 0.4%; Magnesium 5g/kg; Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 125 mg/kg; Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) 50 mg/kg; Vitamin B12 500 ug/kg

More Information

Horses are born snackers – it’s how their digestive system works best. Unfortunately they don’t always get the opportunity to snack as much as they would like or need to.

Based on top quality Yorkshire Timothy grass that has been carefully dried at low temperature, munch® snacks are packed with selected vitamins, minerals and herbs & sealed in a 1kg packs – perfect for competition days, as an in between meal snack, reward or boredom breaker or for times when your horses needs extra support.

There are five varieties of munch – Vitamunch® Heavenly Hedgerow, Vitamunch® Marvellous Meadow, Calmmunch™ , Fleximunch™ and Hoofmunch™

Calmmunch is a 1kg formed block of slow dried Timothy grass so to maintain a fresh and succulent flavour. The blocks are then enriched with magnesium, B vitamins, camomile, hops and vervain which are all well known for their calming properties. The airtight packaging means they last for a year and keep that ‘just harvested’ smell and freshness.

For nervous or anxious horses, Calmmunch will help support a relaxed outlook in stressful situations such as at shows, whilst travelling or at home before exercise or during clipping, vets visits, or as a distraction when stable companions go out. It provides a threefold approach to calming; firstly by the compressed fibre form offering an extended eating time so satisfying the innate need to forage and support gastric health. Its appetising taste can help distract the horse from the stressful situation as well as the carefully selected calming ingredients providing support.

There are a number of ways Calmmunch can be fed; wet or dry at home in the stable or in the field or whilst travelling in the trailer or lorry. Some options include in our munch nets designed specifically to hold a munch, in your own small holed haynet, in the middle of a full haynet for an added surprise for you horse or in a bucket on the floor.

The low sugar content means they are ideal as a snack or boredom breaker for those horses and ponies prone to laminitis or obesity.

There are five varieties of munch – Vitamunch® Heavenly Hedgerow, Vitamunch® Marvellous Meadow, Calmmunch™ , Fleximunch™ and Hoofmunch™

Quality Assurance

Horses are trickle feeders which mean they would naturally spend 75% of their time eating. This ensures their digestive system works best but sometimes daily routine or weight issues may mean their diet is restricted.

Being an animal that is used to constant food means that it produces acid regardless of whether there is food or not, however acid-buffering saliva is only produced when the horse chews. The continual production of gastric acid with only limited amounts of saliva is thought to lie behind the development of certain stereotypical behaviours and gastric ulcers. The whole digestive system works at its most efficient when there is a supply of fibre.

Vitamunch provides a snack for you horse or pony and its low calorie, high fibre, low sugar and cereal free properties makes it suitable for all horses and ponies. The Timothy Grass used is slow dried at a low temperature which means the hay maintains a fresh and succulent flavour as well as nutrient levels.


Nutrition Quality Policy

Quality in development:

Equilibrium select ingredients that their horses love – not the ingredients that will make them the most profits or the cheapest ingredients they can find nor the ones that every other company uses.

Equilibrium develop products for our their horses and because they love horses, they want to share it with you.

When they have a new product in development, they initially test this in house: they have between 15-20 horses between us, so there is no shortage of volunteers.

Once Equilibrium have full approval of our equine counterparts, they then test products on a larger scale to ensure that they are aware of how the product performs in a wide range of horses and uses. Equilibrium work alongside a few charities which have many horses and wide ranges of them for this purpose.

Only when they are satisfied with this stage do they then go on to further the development of the products.

Quality of the end product:

Equilibrium take products quality very seriously.

In order to ensure your horse gets the best Equilibrium can give them, they take every care to source ingredients that are traceable from their origination through to the item you feed your horse.

Equilibrium only work with suppliers and manufacturers that have quality systems in place and share our interest in providing the best they can source.

Where possible, Equilibrium use human grade ingredients, they wouldn’t expect any lesser quality for our horses. Unfortunately, they have not yet found a hay supplier of human grade – but Equilibrium think that the day humans start eating hay, they will want to eat the hay they use!

Equilibrium target potential hazards in the development, supply and production chains and ensure controls are in place to prevent these from materialising – they implement a Full Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Equilibirum sample and test ingredients for undesirable substances on a regular basis with accredited independent laboratories, they use ingredients that are safe for competition use, and they ensure our we (supplier) are fully aware of the prohibited substances specific to horse sports.

Equilibrium ensure that we (supplier) standards are kept up regularly and they do the same internally.

Equilibrium constantly review customer complaints, specifically looking for trends and act to rectify any issues.

Although there is never any guarantee, our users can have peace of mind that everything in Equilibrium's power is being done to ensure that your horse is getting the best it can get.

As Equilibrium work with natural products/ingredients, it can be a challenge to ensure consistency in appearance, and if any of our products are unsatisfactory they are always happy to discuss any situation that may arise – they continually aim to improve their products with the objective of making a difference to the quality of horse’s life.


What is the energy value of munch?

munch snacks are low energy – they have the same energy content as timothy hay, i.e. a digestible energy content of 8.0MJ/kg.

This means munch will not add unnecessary calories to the diet of your horse or pony.

What is the feeding recommendation

Horses and ponies over 400kg, bodyweight: up to 2 blocks per day, Below 400kg: 1 block per day.

Can I add munch to my horse’s diet without causing digestive upset – what about the rule of feeding that says make changes gradually?

MUNCH is based on fibre, the natural foundation of a horse’s daily diet.

Adding one or two to the daily diet will not cause digestive upset, in fact being based on fibre, adding munch to the diet only adds more what a horse is naturally designed to digest.

Can munch be over fed – what is the limit per day?

Firstly, it is difficult to over feed munch because they take so long to eat, and with sealed packaging it is hard for a horse to “steal” one!

munch fibre base and low energy and sugar contents mean that if excess numbers are eaten there is a low risk of digestive upset.

However if munch is accidentally over-fed, four blocks would equals a super-dose of the various vitamins and minerals, but not at levels that will cause harm.

I am already using a supplement, can I still use munch?

Yes, MUNCH is designed to be a complementary addition to the diet. When used as an occasional snack there is no need to change your usual supplement regimen.

Can munch be fed soaked?

Yes, lightly dampened d with a litre of water and left for ten minutes, an individual MUNCH will soften and fluff up so that horses with poor dentition can easily bite into it.

Will any of the nutritional content be lost if soaked for too long?

The objective of soaking should be to soften or loosen the vitamunch so that nibbling is easier. In this way no nutritional value is lost, although a soaked block should be fed immediately – long delays between soaking and feeding can mean, as with any feed, that moulds can develop.

Can munch be fed to small ponies (and what about miniature Shetlands?)

Yes, up to 1 block per day. For very overweight ponies, reduce the hay allocation by one slice per MUNCH.

Always snack responsibly!

Once opened, how long will munch keep fresh?

MUNCH will keep for up to a week after opening but should be stored in a cool dry place. Uncovered MUNCH will absorb moisture from the atmosphere and soften and expand.

Can I feed munch to laminitics?

A laminitis-risk animal can lead a really quiet life indoors with not much to eat. For an example a fat Welsh pony on a restricted diet could receive as little as 2 slices of hay, a scoop of balancer and a scoop of a special laminitis fibre feed.

Such meagre proportions may be effective against laminitis but can mean long periods without food. Horses are born snackers in that they are designed to eat 24/7 – so actively managed laminitis-prone animals can end up munching for far less time than the 16-18 hours a free-ranging horse would, with associated behavioural and gastric health consequences.

  • munch® can be used as part of the dietary management of horses and ponies at risk of or prone to, laminitis.
  • munch® is low energy so can be used in low energy or restricted diets.
  • munch® is low sugar -low soluble carbohydrate diets are recommended for laminitis risk animals.

Can I feed munch to other animals?

Donkeys, cows, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs can all enjoy munch safely. Sheep are common equine companions but find any additional copper in the diet toxic, and so munch is not recommended for them. Goats do not exhibit the same intolerance to copper as sheep but are not in turn as tolerant as horses and cows at handling excess. Therefore care should be taken not to allow goats free access to munch. If using munch, for a horse that has a goat or sheep as a stable companion, consider feeding the munch in a munch net out of the reach of their ovine or caprine friend.

How much alfalfa is there in each munch?

The alfalfa content is 3.25% of each block

Can munch be fed before riding?

Yes you can feed it just before riding. The rate of intake of munch is relatively slow and so the volumes entering the digestive tract will be relatively low too –

  1. The first issue with feeding a large meal before exercise is that it diverts blood flow from the extremities (i.e. muscles) to digestive tract. The little and often mode of eating of Vitamunch means that this is not an issue.
  2. A second issue is that large meals bind a lot of water which adds to the weight a horse is carrying, again the relatively low intake means that this is not an issue either.
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