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For extra radiance and shine all year round - Equilibrium Simplysunshine is a high concentrate daily vitamin & mineral supplement with added beta carotene & live yeast probiotic, for optimum health & vitality. A scoop a day to help support.

  • Healthy Hooves  – Biotin, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, & trace elements copper, zinc, Manganese
  • Healthy Coat – Essential nutrients including B vitamins, copper, zinc & iodine
  • Healthy Digestion – Live yeast, Mangenese, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamins B1, B2, B3
  • Healthy Bones – Vitamin D & trace elements including copper, zinc, manganese
  • Healthy Muscle – Using the important antioxidants vitamin E & selenium
  • Healthy Immunity – Beta carotene & vitamins A, C, D and E

Suitable for all horses & ponies to help support a balanced diet & promote radiance & shine all year round. A convenient way to help provide missing nutrients for:

  • All horses as a top up their diet
  • Good doers on a restricted diet
  • Horses & ponies prone to laminitis
  • Horses on cereal or forage based diets
  • Horses stabled for prolonged periods
  • When access to sunlight is curtailed by rugs or poor weather
  • When your horse loses condition
  • Horse & ponies on poor grass or limited grazing

The main ingredients used to make Simplysunshine are:

  • Maize
  • Yeast
  • Soya oil
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

simplysunshine captures the essence of summer to give your horse the goodness of perfect pasture and warm sunshine all year round, with:

Beta-carotene is found in fresh grass but not in hay or haylage. Though its primary functions are as a precursor to vitamin A and as an antioxidant, Beta-carotene has important roles in maintaining an effective been shown to enhance immune system and, is also known to be beneficial to reproduction.

Vitamins A, C and E  to support cell heath and immunity

Vitamin C is a key component of the innate immune response in horses. It helps neutralise the production of free radicals, which is accelerated during any type of physical or mental stress, The horse can make some of its own vitamin C but in times of increased requirement, this natural production may be insufficient. Boosting the diet with additional vitamin C helps maintain a healthy immune system.

Vitamin D essential for healthy bones and skin

It takes between 5 and eight hours of exposure to the sun’s rays to maintain Vitamin D  levels in the horse, and this target is easily missed during the winter months. The horse can store some vitamin D but these stores are eroded as exposure to sun’s rays is reduced, and when supplies from preserved forages are low. Vitamin D is best known for its role in maintaining healthy bones – vital for young and mature horses alike; its role in maintaining calcium levels means it has a key supporting role important in muscle health, and it plays a role in many other body systems.

B vitamins, including biotin and B12 for energy metabolism and good hoof health.

Yeast probiotic to support digestive health.

The live probiotic yeast helps support the change from a grazing to hay or haylage based diet. Dietary change is a major risk factor for colic. Yeasts are known as “gut stabilisers” – helping to maintain a healthy digestive system

More Information

Equilibriums's approach to equine nutrition is based on listening and responding to what your horse really needs in his diet on a daily basis.

Responding to the outstanding results from our tester panel, Simplysunshine™ is the latest product to be added to the successful Simply Nutrition range.

“Simplysunshine™ has completely changed my mare.  I’ve seen a huge difference in her condition and general wellbeing, her coat is shiny, her eyes are bright and she has a really nice feel about her”  – Lisa Laurie

This unique blend of vitamins and minerals has been made into a handy pellet form to add to feed and easily see that it’s been eaten or simply feed from the hand at any time.


Is SimplySunshine suitable for laminitis sufferers?

Yes because you only give a small amount on each feeding occasion and the sugar/starch level is extremely low (less than 20g) per feeding amount

Is SimplySunshine a Balancer?

No because Balancers are designed to balance out the deficiency in dried forages and chaff based feeds – SimplySunshine has a very targeted blend of nutrients that are selected for shine, coat, hooves and general condition.

Do horses and ponies like the taste of SimplySunshine?

Yes they love the taste of SimplySunshine – so much so that the horses and ponies in the field trials eat the pellet from the hand – with no other feed

If a horse is being fed a multi vitamin and mineral supplement do I need to feed this?

Possibly not – the key question is your horse or pony looking as good as it should do? If the answer is no then adding SimplySunshine can give that extra radiance of good health.

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