8th March 2017

Why Choose Wool?

Griffin NuuMed use only British Wool, a natural fibre which is soft, cool and strong. Whilst it is robust and resilient, it is also comfortable and practical.

Here is why we recommend using a NuuMed wool numnah or saddlepad on your horse:

  • Horses feel the difference. Wool is very comfortable for a horse. It is naturally elastic so it moves and remoulds around the horse as it moves.  (If you take a handful of NuuMed wool, squeeze it and then open up your hand, the wool will spring back up - just like the wool on a NuuMed numnah).
  • NuuMed use wool from the UK. We know where it has come from and what processes it has been through.

  • All NuuMed wool is of a consistent length as, once the wool has been knitted onto the cotton yarn backing, it is shorn to the length required.  This is important for a horse's comfort as saddle fit can be affected by inconsistent thickness of materials.

  • It's natural and works in harmony with a horse's skin.

  • Wool has fantastic water vapour evaporation qualities, which along with its ability to hold over 30% of its own weight in moisture before it feels damp, leaves a horse feeling far more comfortable for longer. 

  • It's structure - masses of softly curled wool fibres - hold loads of 'crimps' or microscopic air pockets which allow the air to move around and the water vapour to be released - again helping to keep a horse as comfortable as possible.

  • It helps reduce temperature fluctuations in the horse's muscle because it warms up and cools down slowly thereby reducing the risk of muscle injury. 

  • It is very hard wearing. The make up of wool fibres mean that it is able to stand up to consistently hard work for many years. NuuMed wool numnahs and saddlepads are renowned for their longevity - which also makes them excellent value for money. 

  • It's a renewable source as our wool is taken from live sheep, rather than sheepskin which is a by-product of the meat industry.
  • It's very easy to keep clean and look after. Wool is fully machine washable and you can wash your NuuMed numnah every day if you wish. We recommend using a wool comb and NuuWash to keep your wool in great condition. 

8th March 2017

Horse owner winter to-do list

Here is our handy horse owner's winter to-do list. Feel free to print and keep it, and if you have any suggestions for additional to-do's, please let us know!


Photo Time  -  Take a full body photo of your horse from the side and back to compare their condition against later in the winter (you should check your horse’s health and condition daily of course, too).

Rug Check  -  Now is a great time to make sure all of your winter rugs are clean, in good condition and fit your horse well, so they are ready as soon as you need them.

Clipping  - Time for the first clip of the season! If you’ve decided to clip this winter to keep your horse comfortable during exercise then now is the time to start.

Egg Count  - It’s time to do an egg count to see if your horse needs worming.


Autumn Clean - Before your horse starts staying in more, give their stable a thorough deep clean.

Nutritional Balance  - Your horse’s diet is likely to change as their routine does. Think carefully about what you will feed your horse too to ensure they are getting the right nutrition to maintain optimum condition.

Shelter - Does your horse have enough shelter in their field, man-made or natural, to keep the elements at bay when the bad weather closes in?

Water Pipe Prep - Insulate pipes to prevent them freezing and blocking up in the colder months.


Health Check  -  Now is a good time to take some new photos and compare to your september photos, how is your horse looking? Also, be sure to check their hoof and coat condition and overall wellbeing.

Worming  - In November or December do your usual 3 monthly egg count. Also, due to egg counts not being sensitive to tapeworm or encysted redworm it is advised to treat for these once yearly, so now is a good time to do so.


Ice Ready - Its likely to have started getting icey now, do you have a store of salt to keep the yard safe? Rubber matting is also a great way of avoiding slippery situations.

Frozen Troughs - Frozen water troughs can leave your horse without water for hours, which increases the risk of impaction colic. Be sure to regularly check troughs or invest in a trough heating device.


Vaccinations Schedule - New year, new start; a great time to check your vaccination schedule and make sure your horse is booked in with your vet for their boosters.

Teeth Time - is it time for a teeth check-up?

Clipping - Its recommended to make your final clip in early January before summer coat comes through.

Field Condition - If your gateways are getting poached and boggy then gravel, wood chip or matting can effectively reduce the issue. Also, try to save good draining fields for winter use and rotate them regularly.


Health Check - Same as November. Hopefully your regular evaluations will mean your horse is looking happy, healthy and in good condition!

Egg Count  -  Depending on when you counted and wormed in November/December it will be time for another egg count now or in March.

8th March 2017

Photo competition Now Live!

We are super excited to share with you our latest competition. It is a photo competition whereby you simply need to share a photo of you and your horse competing (plus a couple extra details) for the chance to win a NAF competition essentials hamper worth £100! Plus there will be two winners, so double the chance of winning - yippee.

For more information why not head over to our competition page here: Photo Competition

3rd March 2017

Are You competition Ready?

Are You competition Ready?

The competition season is now getting closer and closer, and this weekend we are at Moreton Horse Trials in Dorset for one of the first British Eventing run of the season! With this in mind it got us thinking, are we all competition ready?

Whether you show jump, event or do dressage, there are always small bits and pieces that you will need, so we thought we'd create a bit of a checklist! if you want, you can view the list and even print it and keep it to hand by Clicking Here.

Did you know? Show jumping was the first equestrian discipline to feature in the olympics!

I also think that going to big events can be one of the best ways to get inspired to get out and compete with your own horse. We attend 28 shows around the UK every year, from smaller British Eventing shows, to dressage championships, to the countries biggest show jumping and Eventing shows! Why not take a look at our events calender for some inspiration? Click here

We have also created a selection of products that you can find a link to below, including many special offers, to help you get ready to kick butt in the ring! We have also included some quick brand links also that will be helpful!