Saracen Equi-Jewel Pellets (20kg)Saracen Equi-Jewel Pellets (20kg)
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Saracen Equi-Jewel Pellets (20kg)
Equi-Jewel® is a highly digestible, pelleted rice bran supplement that is very effective at adding condition and topline. Naturally high in oil, Equi-Jewel® is a versatile and concentrated source of energy for horses of all ages and activity levels. Equi-Jewel® is designed to increase the energy density (calories) of a ration helping to maintain condition on "poor-doers" and provide energy...
Saracen Releve Mix (20kg)Saracen Releve Mix (20kg)
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Saracen Releve Mix (20kg)
RE-LEVE®-MIX is a cereal and alfalfa free, low starch (8%), low sugar (6%) mix specifically designed to replace all cereal based concentrate feed for horses in work that have a nervous disposition or react adversely to high cereal and starch levels. Highly digestible "Super-Fibres" and high oil levels reduce the reliance on starch to provide energy (calories) in the diet. The low starch, high...